About Us

Meet the Mark behind Cecil Engineering

Mark Cecil is originally from North Carolina and was educated at North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  He started vehicular modifications when he was 15 and still exercises this curiosity on how things work and how to make them better.  He competed in a Society of Automotive Engineering collegiate team during college and led his team to the top 10 at the National Competition.   

Upon graduation, Mark started off his professional journey with Polaris Industries, developing and testing off-road equipment.  He continued his professional experience working for Altec and was the Principal Engineer for Ultra Armoring for 7 years developing armored and other automotive solutions for vehicles.

These experiences led Mark to branch out on his own and start Cecil Engineering.  He works with customers and end-users in the government, entertainment, automotive, machining, theme park, and agricultural industries.  The challenges of dynamic projects in multiple industries is what drives the ingenuity and dedication to engineering excellence at Cecil Engineering.

In his spare time, Mark is a member of the Knights of Columbus and participates in Master’s Swim Team and competes in triathlons.  Ever the engineer, he enjoys expanding his knowledge and practice on his projects at home.

Company Philosophy

As a company, we strive to promote a seamless and positive experience through excellence and innovation. We do this with our commitment to quality, our dependability and our attitude toward continual improvement as a firm.  Now that you know more about Mark and our company’s philosophy, learn more about our core engineering services below.




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