Product Design


We provide Engineering Consulting in an array of ways.  Depending on the project, sometimes we seek to get involved early in the design phase so that we can help plan the project more efficiently.  We can also provide effective building solutions which help identify challenges early on in a project to mitigate design changes after construction.  

Other work options can include projects that need additional calculations, FEA, or  more intense design work.  This level of assistance can be used for detailed pre-construction planning crucial to helping with on-time delivery.  This allows the client and team a clear pathway from the design process to the construction phase through to completion.

Every assignment is unique in scope, but our process is systemically applied to each design project to help you get the necessary results.


We started out by scanning the piece.   After scanning, the data was post-processed.  This is where the data is decomposed into cross.  During post-processing, we work with the customer to determine where the critical dimensions are needed and how to handle elements that are different from the intended design (i.e. a wall that is not flat, curves that are not true curves, etc). The scan is then broken into high-resolution cross sections.

After post-processing, the modeling of the component (the countertop in this situation) starts. The customer’s input and post-processing data are used to make a solid model of the part. Another review is completed with the customer.  In this design project,  the manufacturer was involved in making drawings based on the solid model of the top.  These drawings were checked before approval and compared back to the scan data and solid model. This provided a good double check of the final design.  Lastly, before production, there was a discussion with the customer to go over the tolerances, overhangs of the countertop to ensure their satisfaction with the design.   

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